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An Open Letter to Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi and Other Bishops of Uganda

An Open Letter to Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi and Other Bishops of Uganda,

Gentle Archbishop,

I serve on the board of directors (Executive Council) of the Episcopal
Church, and I would appreciate your help as I try to understand your recent
actions, especially as they affect financial matters for which I bear some
fiduciary responsibility both legally and canonically.

Kampala's New Vision for August 23, 2004 quotes you,  Archbishop  Orombi:
"The decision [to break ties with The Episcopal Church] has meant that we
are no longer receiving funds as a means of making it clear to the Episcopal
Church of the US that such a deliberate action on their part affects the
whole of Anglican Communion. It also serves as a wake-up call on our part to
find ways to sustain ourselves honourably,"

Even earlier, on 19 April 2004, The Primates of the Council of the Anglican
Provinces of Africa (CAPA), stated that you would "no longer accept funds
from the Episcopal Church."   Last November your predecessor refused gifts
from The Episcopal Church before they could be delivered in honor of your
own consecration.

Is the Church of Uganda rejecting ALL funds from The Episcopal Church, or
just selected ones?

If just selected ones, how do you determine which ones to reject?

According to a Episcopal Church's United Thank Offering  (UTO) for 2004,
the Diocese of Luweero recently accepted a grant of $30,000.00 for the
Victoria Girls Hostel at Ndejje University..  The Diocese of Luweero has
this month tried to exercise jurisdiction in our Diocese of Los Angeles. On
Monday, August 23, you, Archbishop Orombi, issued a statement through the
Anglican Communion News Service:  "The Rt Revd Evans Kisekka, the Bishop of
Luweero Diocese, has my full blessing and support in receiving the clergy
from St James Church, Newport Beach, and All Saints' Church, Long Beach,
California, USA."

Do you intend to return the Luweero funds to UTO? Luweero  received them
AFTER your statement that you would refuse all funds from us.

Earlier this year the UTO granted another $20,00 to the Diocese of West
Buganda for the Mawanda Girl's Secondary School for orphans.  Do you intend
to return those funds?

(All UTO  grants to Africa in 2004 are listed at

Do you now refuse funds from the Episcopal Relief and Development?  A Google
search for "Uganda" on the ERD website turns up 35 accounts of recent ERD
contributions  and appeals to Episcopalians to give yet more generously.
We have been a major contributor to your Planning, Development, and
Rehabilitation (PDR) Department, an arrangement that lets you identify the
needs and put the gifts where they will be most effective.  Most of ERD's
grant to Uganda of $284,000 in 2001 and of $138,500 in 2001 were funneled
through your PDR.

Should ERD stop making those appeals and stop making these grants?

Should ERD screen its donors to find out who consented and who did not
consent to the consecration of Bishop Robinson?

Is the Church of Uganda cutting itself off from the Episcopal Church's
funding of numerous Communion networks, such as our major funding for the
provincial secretaries conference currently taking place in Johannesburg?

Will the Church of Uganda continue to contribute only .5% to the costs of
the Anglican Consultative Council, or will it increase that amount to offset
subsidies by The Episcopal Church, which contributes 29.3% of the costs of the
Anglican Consultative Council?  (See the contributions of all 38 provinces
at http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/accrequests99-02.htm).

I hope that you will keep these gifts and allow us to send more.  God has
blessed the Episcopal Church with enormous resources.  The money is not
ours, but God's.  I hope that we can continue to contribute to those in need
in Uganda and elsewhere, indeed to increase our giving, without regard to
our current divisions.

I ask these questions for clarity and transparency.  I am sure that you do
not want to misrepresent whether you are receiving funds from the Episcopal

May God give us the grace to love one another and to speak the truth to one
another respectfully across these differences.

Faithfully yours,

Louie Crew

Louie Crew, Ph.D., D.D., D.D., D.H.L.
Member of Executive Council
377 S. Harrison St., 12D, East Orange, NJ 07018-1222. 973-395-1068
http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/rel.html  Anglican Pages

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