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[HoB/D] Heterosex as normative?

Beware of hetero idolatry.  It too easily infects the very language
Christians use.

Very early on, Judaism contrasted radically with many rival religions in
which gods were vaunted for their heterosexual prowess.   Yaweh commanded
that we make no such graven images.

The Garden of Eden story is the locus not of Original Righteousness, but
Original Sin.

If God had wanted to make an icon out of heterosexual marriage, God would
not have chosen an unwed girl to mother Jesus.

If God had wanted to make an icon out of heterosexual marriage, Jesus
would have married and had at least a dozen children, like the patriarchs
of old. That's much less ambiguous than a bachelor Jesus spiking the punch
on the third day of heavy drinking at Cana.   We never hear any more 
about that couple.

Jesus once asked, "Who are my mother and my brothers?"  He dismissed the
appeals of his blood kin and proclaimed instead that his real kin are
those who do God's will.

For Jesus, families of intent are normative, not genetic families.

God does not beget us; God adopts us.   If adoption is second-class, so is
our Faith.

Jesus asserted that if we care for family more than we care for him, we
are not worthy to be his disciples.

St. Paul viewed marriage as good only for lust control.

For me one of the lowest points of the recent discourse of the Episcopal
Church on sexuality was during the 1995 Righter trial when a dissenting
bishop spent several minutes describing in detail as the image of
righteousness his sexual coupling with his wife.   Most in the trial room
seemed to be ducking their heads and looking at the floor in
embarrassment. I doubt we would get many contributors to preserve that
icon in a stained glass window for the cathedral in Delaware.

I value my own marriage immensely.  It has been a means of grace for both
of us, and several others say for them as well.  Yet please do not make an
icon out of it, nor out of heterosexual marriage.

Christianity is not about procreation, but regeneration.   It is through
the Eucharist, not through coitus, that God makes of one blood all the
peoples of the earth.

I see nothing grace-filled or charitable, nothing that builds us up as the
community of God, in our constantly checking out the plumbing and saying
"normative, not-normative, normative, not-normative......"  That's
reminiscent of a temple CPA checking out the items in Samson's tote bag to
confirm his claims that he had killed Philistines, not Jews.

We have much better news and need to be about the business of telling it
to absolutely everybody.


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