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Recipes for Stone Bread

> The Provincial Assembly of the Church of Uganda (CoU) has endorsed a
> resolution by the House of Bishops to break ties with the Episcopal Church
> of America over the consecration of gay Rev. Canon Gene Robinson as
> bishop.

After my interview for a job at Rutgers in April of 1989, I rode with my new
friend +Jack to the home of Christine Barney, whom he was courting.  Her
house guest was Ugandan Archbishop Yona Okoth.  Several other Ugandans were
present, as were several leaders in +Jack's Diocese of Newark.

In April of 1989 Uganda was already one of the countries hardest hit by
AIDS.  Whole villages in Uganda were being wiped out.  As a gay man, I had
painful first-hand experience about a community's moving from denial to
acknowledgment, to action.

What might we in the Episcopal Church do to help?"    I asked the

"There is no AIDS in all of Uganda," he replied.

To his credit, before Archbishop Okoth retired in 1995, he had long repented
of his willful denial and had begun well the arduous process of looking the
truth directly in the eye.

One way he repented was to bring in experts to help initiate and plan a
national peer education program for AIDS prevention.  One of the most
brilliant of those planners was a strategist from New Hampshire, then the
Canon to the Ordinary, Gene Robinson.   The program that Gene Robinson
helped initiate & put in place has helped make Uganda one of only two
sub-Saharan African nations whose AIDS infection rate has turned around.

That gives new meaning to the "gay agenda," doesn't it?

"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child."
(Shakespeare's King Lear I..iv)

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