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[HoB/D] Seeing visions and dreaming dreams

The Living Church for August 15th focuses on Technology, even in many of the
ads.  It is worth close reading.

I would love to see discussion here about how technology is now working to
make your own ministries stronger, including how you imagine it could help
even more so.

E.g., a decade ago a priest in our diocese encouraged email networks so that
'shut-ins' could minister to others and not be fixed as clients.

Does your parish connect electronically?   Does it have a website, and is it
one that someone might want to visit again and again?  It the latter, what
features make it most inviting?

What are the five top parish websites you have visited?  What are the five
top diocesan websites?  If you would like to take a tour, Anglicansonline
lists diocesan and parish websites at

Your parish probably has a database for parish mailings and maybe even a
parish directory,  but do you have a database of the talents of each member?
Do you have a database of the needs in the community?  Have you learned to
make those two databases talk to each other to help your parish enable the
talent on hand for ministry?  Has your parish ever had a retreat to explore
the collective talent and how it might be deployed?

Originally, Edison didn't think of using the phonograph for entertainment.
He expected that businesses would use it for dictating letters.  When he
invented the telephone, someone asked him what use we might make it, and he
said that we could call ahead to tell people that we're about to send a

I suspect we have not begun to understand the possibilities of the new
technology, especially for doing ministry.  It's not just for clip art and
word-processing any more.

My postage bill in 1993 was $1,607.32; in 2003 it was $105.19, reduced by
more than 90%.  In the last 12 months, 865 persons a day visit my personal
website, or one every 1.7 minutes.   In no way am I able to respond
adequately to the huge correspondence and potential for ministry that
generates. Imagine a church that could.

What would you like to see technology do for you?  What would you like
technology to help you do for others?

L., Newark deputy, Member of Executive Council

"Lost in wonder, love, and praise."

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