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Re: Samaritan OoN 9.7.04

I routinely force myself to drive through rough neighborhoods,
especially when they are directly on the way home in Newark and the
Oranges. I need to see the price others have to pay rather than enjoy
my privilege isolated from their need.

A few years ago, as I was driving home from summer school at Rutgers
University on a particulary hot afternoon, the traffic was clogged in
a street of abandoned high-rises occupied by squatters.  A gang of
Hispanic boys had decided to toss basketballs right in the middle of
the thoroughfare.  Several of us honked, and then to my horror, I saw
four swaggering young toughs weaving their way towards my car.  One of
them had an ominous grin on his face.  As gently as I could I used my
elbow to hit the door lock for all doors.  Then the one with the big
grin tapped on my windshield and said "Hi, Doc!"

An hour earlier he had read his splendid essay to my class.

Racism and classism are damned hard to expunge. Whenever I
think I am making progress, the blindness kicks in again.

Lord have mercy!  Christ have mercy!  Lord have mercy!


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