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Re: [HoB/D] Ecclesiology

> What Episcopalians, to my mind, are being asked to decide now, is
> not a position on human sexuality, but on whether we have owned into
> an entity beyond ourselves, not as a "convenient form of
> association" but as a unit for which we can discover a theology and
> an ecclesiology?

Episcopalians decide on issues as a Province through General
Convention.  I presume that's why you are appealing to this forum,
beloved Tony.

It is one thing to discover a theology and an ecclesiology, but quite
another to give to others the right to thrust these things upon us.

Deputies and bishops have had -- and continue to have -- extraordinary
exposure to the theology and ecclesiology of the rest of the Communion
on the issues which divide us.  We paid the way of over 50 visitors
from the rest of the Communion to attend GC 2003 (a huge expense!),
and gave to all visitors as well as deputies and bishops, the
opportunity to sign up to address us in public hearings.  Of all
bishops in Nigeria, the one most opposed to the proposed actions at GC
2003 preached at the main worship on the morning of the day GC granted
consents to the election of the Bishop of NH.

Has any other province in the Communion ever given similar billing or
spent a similar proportion of its resources to hear articulate
opposition to its proposed actions?

Through the benefits of cyber communication, over 1,000 bishops and
deputies on this discussion list have, both before and after GC 2003,
willingly exposed ourselves to the witness of those who oppose the
actions of GC 2003.....

Most of the provinces have not made even a small gesture of living
into their pledge to listen to the witness of lesbigay Christians
among them.  I have observed with my own eyes primates flee when given
the opportunity to have a basic human conversation with me.  (For
details see http://rci.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/natter_02/msg00030.html and

I rejoice that our polity encourages our continued exposure to all
points of view.  Others must persuade us fairly and squarely, not by
coercion or bullying.

I urge you and other concerned kibitzers to run for deputy. ll
deputies must be elected by June 12, 2004, one year before the opening
of General Convention in 2003.

L., Nwk Dep, Member of Executive Council
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