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Re: [HoB/D] Church Center web site

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:54:04 EDT The Rev. Ann Fontaine wrote to the
Bishops-Deputies list:

> Once again, yesterday, I tried to use the Church Center web site - I
> hope not too much of our $$ has been spent on it. I hoped that it
> had improved since the last time I tried it. But alas - it is still
> an impenetrable non-intuitive maze. I was looking for an email
> address for a prominent staff member. After 10 minutes of searching
> and being returned to starting points by the links - gave up.  I
> am not unfamiliar with the internet and web sites and would probably
> be even more frustrated if it were my first visit. The menu is like
> guessing game - the search function unhelpful.  ARRGGHHH - praying
> for better surfing weather at the church center.  A tip for those
> who might try to find something - I have discovered by typing in my
> request into www.google.com - I often get the page I am looking for.

It's not surprising that Google handles your requests so well:  one of
the creators of Google is Brian Reid, the world-class computer expert
whom Executive Council did not want to hear at our meeting earlier
this month.  Makes one wonder what we feared he might advise.

I have never been more embarrassed by an action of Executive Council.
I have urged my colleagues to apologize to Dr. Reid, invite him to the
whole Council, and listen to ANYTHING that he has to say.

We receive visitors graciously all the time, and did so with others
even at this meeting, some of them not even announced ahead of time.

Dr. Reid is not only one of the most highly credentialed persons in
the world in the field of computers/communication, he has donated
thousands of hours expert service to this church.  He and Cynthia
McFarland created and oversee the outstanding anglicansonline.org.
They also manage this discussion list.

Dr. Reid paid his own way to visit us and was told he could not speak
to the committee.  I understand that he was later allowed to speak
briefly over protests.

I grieve for our fine Commission on Communications whose member was
treated so shabbily.

L., Nwk Deputy, Member of Executive Council

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