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Looking back...

I have uploaded the front-page article in which Presiding Bishop James
Dees (Anglican Orthodox Church) accused Ernest and me of causing a
tornado 29 years ago in tiny Fort Valley, GA.  It's shown at
http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/rel2.html#docs  and if you click
on the picture, you will read the full text.

Ernest and I took good aim, and took the steeple off the white baptist
church but not off our black parish.  The dean lived next door and
called to ask me to apply for a position in Agriculture given such
outstanding credentials, and a close friend asked Ernest and me to
kiss in her garden so that her greens would grow.  When the ATLANTA
JOURNAL called about the story, I explained it all as "queer power."

The Macon Herald, which published the piece, was the official
newspaper of the John Birch Society and had a national subsription
rate of over 100,000.  I presume many of them had gun-racks in their
pickups.  Google turns up only nine hits for "Macon Herald" now, and

James Dees left the Episcopal Church in 1963, "weary of its acceptance
of bishops and priests who openly repudiated Bible doctrines"
(http://home.hiwaay.net/~contendr/2-1-94.html).  Google turns upon
only six hits of "Bishop James Dees."


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