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Re: A long long day with exgays in Tennessee (an article in THE GUARDIAN)

On Apr 3 10:51am ********* **** wrote:

> Thanks, guys, for this one.  It is very insightful.  Irving Bieber designed
> the therapy I underwent in the late 60s, including the electro-shock part.
> Didn't help, of course.  Made things worse.
> Also, the article doesn't mention that "university clinical professor of
> psychiatry" Charles Socarides has a gay son whom he for decades has insisted can
> turn straight and who has publicly repudiated his father's theories and
> techniques in print and on television.

In the 1960s therapists at the University of Alabama offered to wire my 
genitals and show me pornography gay and straight.  If I grew tumescent 
to gay pornography, I would be mildly shocked.  If I grew tumescent to
straight pornography.......   I don't know the offer.  I declined
before they said it.  Perhaps banana pellets?

I had gone to the clinic to inquire about joining encounter groups as
as openly gay man.  That would have been an encounter indeed!

Evil generation!

A couple of years ago I wrote asking the current head of the
psychological services at the University what efforts they are making
to assess the psychological damages done to the persons by these
tortures.  When she did not reply, I wrote again.  She never replied.


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