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Ernest and I spent our first summer in Berkeley, California where I
was a National Endowment for Humanities Fellow at the University.  I
called Grace Cathedral and explained that as a gay interracial couple
from middle Georgia we would like to connect to other gay and lesbian
Episcopalians.  I was put through the switch-board from one secretary
to another so that each could hear, and few bothered to muffle their

Their tittering sent me into a spiritual crisis, out of which I called
for a new organization named to reclaim what they had violated,
Integrity.  That was 30 years ago.  Dean Jones' commentary blesses my

Disguise your voice and call your own parish with the same request
today.  Share with us the response you receive.

Louie Crew, Nwk 03, 00, 97, 94. Member of Executive Council 00-06


            Alan Jones
            Dean of Grace Cathedral

           Gay Marriage: The Train has left the Station

            by Alan Jones

            The culture wars are now concentrating on the polarizing
issue of "gay marriage" and we're all caught up in it. The President
has declared his support to amend the Constitution specifically to
exclude gay people. For some, gay marriage rocks the very foundations
of our culture and way of life. The question not only of gay marriage
but even gay rights has already become one of the wedge issues of the
upcoming presidential election. It has also become the occasion of
opportunistic polarization and protest. Meanwhile thousands of gay
couples with their families and friends have gone to City Hall to be

            The leadership of Grace Cathedral unanimously supports gay
couples and their families. At the same time.....

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