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+Duncan agreed with the House of Bishops' Plan

> My bishop told me that in the meeting Duncan agreed with the plan; I
> guess his public statement isn't so far off that (at least per ENS).

My read on that is that someone near the Archbishop of Canterbury, 
if not the ABC himself, got to Duncan quickly and warned that the 
Network had better not trash this plan lest they be left out in the 
cold.  Of course, that is just a guess, based on Duncan's
uncharacteristic restraint this time.

Those in the Network know that they are having an increasing
credibility problem.  They said that if NH elected +Gene, many would
leave.  No one did.  Then they said that if GC consented, many would
leave.  No ond did.  Then they said that unless the PB bowed to the
Primates' demands, many would leave.  He didn't, and they didn't
leave.  Then they said that if NH consecrated +Gene......

By January, instead of leaving, they announced they would stay and
would conform to the constitution of TEC.   It's hard not to be
cynical, noting that this protects them from presentments, lest they
sound like they have 'abandoned the Episcopal Church.'

Bluster will continue, and in the midst of it, they (and we) must
decide how to live within the possible.  I hope we can do so with as
much patience, charity, and forgiveness as possible.  Change takes
time to live into.  Even after the Damascus Road, Saint Paul stayed
away from Christians for two full years.  Imagine how difficult it
would have been for them to believe his conversion was real closer to
the time when he was persecuting them.  He was present as 'Saul' even
at the martyrdom of Stephen.


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