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> Louie:
> 	This is refreshing and seemingly very fair.  I believe that we could
> have something like this in the US if we were to drop the insistence that
> the bond be called "marriage".
> 	In our church we have tried to move toward "inclusive" language
> recognizing that words can be offensive or misleading.  I feel that the word
> marriage is historically too attached in a similar manner.  As long as
> people are given a completely fair opportunity to come together in a full
> and complete commitment, why do we need to insist that it be called
> marriage?

Ask that question of **************** ************.  He and ********
******* are involved in the suit for the right to marry.  I believe
that at issue are the more than 1,000 benefits conferred by law to
those who are married that would not necessarily be conferred to those
in legally recognized domestic partnerships, i.e., it is more about
justice than about mere word choice.

I personally wish that the The Episcopal Church would go out of the
marrying business for the State for everyone, as is the custom in
Europe.  The church should be in the business of solemnizing spiritual

I believe the State should recognize lesbigay unions with all the
benefits are responsibilities that it bestows on straight ones.

>From the beginning in our relationship, each has routinely signed
correspondence to the other as 'husband' and often has also written,
'Dear husband.' Without ever saying so to each other, it's clear that
each of us thinks in terms of bearing that responbility towards the
other and of being the recipient of the other's husbandry.  On the
other hand, Ernest thinks that heterosexuals have so debased the word
'marriage' that he does not use it to describe our relationship.  When
he introduces me to co-workers at Continental Airlines, he says, "This
is my life partner, Louie."  I routinely refer to "my marriage to
Ernest Clay.".....

It is nice to pick and choose.



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