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Re: [LS] Press release from Via Media meeting (fwd)

> > > Does this mean they will be able to request alternative episcopal oversight
> > > in keeping with the HOB's latest pronouncements?
> >
> > Yes, but I hope they won't support that precedent.
> >
> >L.
> Louie,
> I'm curious as to why you hope they won't. Progressives in conservative
> diocese are much more under attack, and much more disenfranchised, than the
> conservatives in progressive dioceses.

Of course progressives in many conservative dioceses are under attack,
as are some conservatives in progressive dioceses.

On principle I don't want us to tamper with jusrisdiction as the
Church has always understood it.  Nor do I want to send a signal that
bishops have efficacy only when we agree with them.

Mail-order bishops take away the pressure to learn to live together
and reduce the incentive to elect someone better qualified next time.

I have had bishops with whom I have struggled for much more of my life
than I have had bishops with whom I have enjoyed greater degrees of
compatibility; we have all learned much from one another by being
disciples together.


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