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RE: Bishops repudiate irregular confirmations in Ohio [ENS]

On Mar 25 8:40am +Gerard Mpango [Bishop of Western Tanganyika]

> When will Bishops repudiate the shameful and irregular consecration
> of Robinson?

Gentle Bishop Mpango,

That will not likely happen.

Bishops in the Episcopal Church do not have exclusive control over who
may be consecrated.  A diocese must get permission of bishops and
Standing Committees even to have an election.  The one elected must
get consents of bishops and of lay and clergy (either by vote of the
House of Deputies at GC or by vote of a majority of the Standing
Committees).   A majority of the House of Bishops and a majority of
the House of Deputies consented to Bishop Robinson's consecration.

Clearly most of our bishops, lay deputies and clergy deputies do not
believe the consecration shameful.

Nor is it irregular by our own polity.  Our canons guarantee access to
the ordination process without regard to sexual orientation.

If gay and lesbian people matched your views of who we are, I would
share your condemnation of us.  But Jesus has come to gay and lesbian
Samaria.  I urge you to spend time at our wells, to see what marvelous
fruits of the spirit God is choosing to manifest in those whom you
deem the least.

I suggest that you invite Bishop Robinson to Tanzania and engage in
conversation with him as disciple to disciple.  You will see that he
has been with Jesus.

Thank you for writing.  May God use your ministry to bring joy to
absolutely everybody.

Louie, sinner saved by grace, amazing still!

Louie Crew, Ph.D., D.D., D.D.
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