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Re: Bishop Swing's letter to the clergy for March 2004

Gentle Bishop Bernard,

Thank you for your letter.  Bishop Swing can best speak for himself,
and I am forwarding your query to him, at ...

You can find most of the break-away "Anglicans" worldwide listed at
http://www.anglicansonline.org/communion/nic.html, with a brief
statement about each.  The list is long enough to make one dizzy.

Speaking just for myself:

I rejoice in the continuing contributions to my discernment from the
Anglican Communion.  I have spent hundreds of hours reading points of
view from all over the Communion.  I have listened closely while
privileged to travel to Africa four times during the last six years,
as well as to Brazil, Korea, Japan, and Europe.  The General
Convention paid the way for almost 50 international observers, most of
them who did not agree with us, to come to Minneapolis last summer and
spend 10 days sharing with us their views.  One of the most articulate
spokespersons for the 'Anglican opposition,' Archbishop Fearon from
Nigeria, preached at the main Eucharist on the day that we consented
to the consecration of Bishop Robinson.....

I can think of no other part of the Communion that would open itself
so fully and provide forums to its opponents.

I was not persuaded.  Most of what I heard spoke with much authority
of the speakers' experience, but with little authority or knowledge of
Christ's redemptive work in the lives of lesbian and gay Anglicans.

We in the Episcopal Church do not have a vote in the Diocese of
Berundi, nor you in our General Convention.  I am grateful that we
have each other to continue this discussion.

Joy to you!
Louie Crew, Nwk 03, 00, 97, 94. Member of Executive Council 00-06
377 S. Harrison St., 12D, East Orange, NJ 07018-1222. 973-395-1068
http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/rel.html  Anglican Pages

On Mar 20 5:07pm NTAHOTURI BERNARD wrote:

> Dear Louie,
> thank you for all the commnets and letters you send to us regarding what is
> happening in the ECUSA and the anglican communion at large. I was very much
> interested by BP Swing's comments .May i ask you two thins;
> First, would you please tell me the different fractions, break aways of the
> Episcopal church up to now. we do read about the Episcopal charismatic , the
> AAC etc.
> Secondly, Bp Swing talks about a very valuable principle that the voice of
> the people  the policy of the Episcopal Church.Are you sure what went on at
> the General Convention was the voice of the people? And where is the Voice
> of God? how did you get and come to the discernment?Then Bp Swing concludes
> that you are only the Episcopal Church of America. Where does he put all the
> rest of the Anglican Familly that we call the Anglican Communion. Is not
> here that resides part of the problem? Not to be mindful of those who do not
> have the same enlightenment as you have or is this the pride of
> self-sufficiency? I like and love Bp Swing and wish him all the blessing of
> God.
> Bernard
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> Envoyé : 15 March 2004 23:30
> Objet : Bishop Swing's letter to the clergy for March 2004
> > FYI. -- LC

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