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Re: [LS] Scopes and Now This

On Mar 17 5:44pm XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

> The Tennessee County that hosted the Scopes monkey trial now wants to be able
> to charge homosexuals with "crimes against nature" and is looking for a way
> to keep them from living in the county altogether.
> The story can be read at:
> http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid=519&u=/ap/20040317/ap_on_re_us/county_gay_ban_1&printer=1

I remember camping with two other prep school teachers in the
mountains near Dayton, TN in 1961.  We decided to eat breakfast at a
small cafe across from the Rhea County Courthouse.  The cafe looked
like it had looked when built around 1900, and was filled with men who
would have been around 20 in 1900 and around 45 when Scopes was
convicted in 1925.  I couldn't resist, and asked one codger whether 
evolution was still against the law in the local schools.  He couldn't 
hear well and asked me to repeat.

"What did he say?" ask some of the others.

"He asked whether evolution is still against the law?  Is it?"

None knew, but all were quite energized by the question.  One went to
the ancient phone and asked the operator if she knew.  She didn't.
"We'll find out, you betcha!" that assured me.

After we paid for our breakfast, my camping friends scolded me for new
mischief I had made for every biology teacher in the county.

Dr. J. P. McCallie, founder with his brother of the McCallie School in
nearby Chattanooga (and Bible teacher to Pat Robertson, Senator Howard
Baker and 10 years later to Ted Turner and Quean Lutibelle) loved to
tell us that during the depression McCallie had an opening for a
biology teacher.  He remembered asking one applicant, "Are you for or
against evolution?"  The candidate responded, "I can teach it either
way."  Sounnds like a true Anglican to me.


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