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Re: "Lastly, let me speak for a moment to the gay people of this diocese" (+Dave Bena)

Many thanks for your encouragment.

To no avail, I have looked in several grocery stores for indication on
the packaging as to whether the meat is from strangled animals and/or
from animals sold with profits to a temple somewhere.

Clearly only Anglicans were at the Council of Jerusalem, because only
Anglicans could have come up with such a comprimise, giving the
blusterers something, but something which no one could enforce.  I
have found few Christians who can remember the details of this
compromise unless they have read it in the last month.


On Mar 13 10:21am ****** wrote:

> Louie,
>   I see on the bishops/deputies list your continual (and most
> charitable) response to the assorted anti's who harp away. The
> latest about Leviticus was most unenlightening. If you wish to be
> strictly Biblical on the Levitical code recall - are you a gentile
> Christian? if so advert to Acts 15: 28 - 29 a. That settled the
> matter then and should now. However for those who don't wish to read
> their Bible, well, what is one to say to these so-called
> "literalists."
>   Keep on keepin on.
> ******* ********

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