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Re: Musings on Constitutional Amendments

> What strategy/strategies should we follow:
>       -- as Integrity
>       -- as individuals?

Always and in every way to use them as teaching moments.

Use the discussion as opportunities to invite people into the joy of
loving their lesbian and gay neighbors as they love themselves.

Use them as evangelism opportunities, the same way Jesus did in
healing on the Sabbath, the same way Peter did in reporting his
experience on the rooftop in Joppa, the same way Philip did in his
reporting his chariot ride with an Ethiopian sexual outcast, the same
way Paul did in making his case at the Council of Jerusalem....

Always challenge the authority of any to speak about lesbian and gay
unions if they have no close peers in such relationships.

This amendment has no chance of getting the 75% majority required.
The proposers are giving us a marvelous opportunity to share much
better news.


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