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On Jan 29 7:33am ****** ******** wrote:

> Does anyone know if the PB went or an AAC delegation did?  Or neither?
> Or do I have the wrong event?

The Ugandans specifically forbade participation by the PB, by +Gene,
and by any who consented to the consecration of +Gene.  No one in NH
had any intention of going, nor did the PB, but a group of TEC persons
planning to be in Africa on another mission during the time had
planned to go before they were disinvited.

All of this was reported here and on the bishop-deputies list several
weeks ago, with official reports.  I am going only from memory.

Some AAC bishops were there, though I am not clear as to whether they
were officially representing the AAC.

Uganda has not turned down any aid from ERD or other financial
commitments of TEC.  

Nor have AAC members turned down their several appointments to
the Standing Commissions, Committees and boards of TEC.  Ted Yumoto is
an AAC member and the representative of Province 8 on Executive
Council.  When I asked Ted whether he signed the pledge at the October
meeting of the AAC, he replied, "Yes":

   Item 6 of The AAC's Call to Action states:

   "We redirect our financial resources, to the fullest extent
   possible, toward biblically orthodox mission and ministry, and away
   from those structures that support the unrighteous actions of the
   General Convention. We will support our partners in the
   Anglican Communion."

Dean Werner appointed Ted to the Administration and Finance Committee,
which oversees the major financial decisions of Executive Council.


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> Archbishop Orombi enthroned at colourful ceremony in Uganda

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