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Re: [LS] Ohio House Delays Gay Marriage Vote At Taft's Request

On Jan 28 12:54pm Byham, Kim wrote:

> And all of this is of great interest since the 2006 General Convention
> is in Columbus, Ohio.

The Ohio bill to ban gay marriages will assure that any parts of the
Ohio economy will suffer that depend on competition for the most
highly skilled employees.  I am convinced that NJ's pharmaceutical
companies, Lucent Technologies, et al. finally made that point to the
legislature.  The dynamic probably influenced the decision in
Massachusetts as well.

I'm not talking about large numbers of employees, but about employees
that can make the biggest difference in corporate competition.  It is
bad business to turn away the lbgt 10 percent or so of that most
talented labor force who know that they can receive benefits and other
blessings elsewhere.  Corporations also risk alienationg staights in
that most talented pool who don't want to work in an environment that
discriminates against their friends.

In 1961 or 1962 leaders of the Civil Rights Movement held a prolonged
strike in New Orleans during Christmas, and that boycott got very
little press coverage.  Nevertheless some feel that it was a dramatic
factor among others leading to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, because
all across the white South the word went out in the Rotary, Kawanis,
Lions, and other civil clubs that in a Christmas which was prosperous
in the rest of the country, New Orleans businesses had suffered great
losses.  Once they understood that segregation could hurt profits,
many took back the control they have formerly conceded to the Red
Necks and other thugs.


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