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Re: [LS] Bishop Salmon's Statement About All Saints, Pawleys Island

[re Bishop Salmon's meeting with Bishop Chuck Murphy]

> Got no problem with the meeting, but was surprised by the appellation "Bishop."

As common courtesy, I usually give people the title which they choose
for themselves.  Otherwise I put myself in a position of validating or
invalidating their claims.

I understand that most Mormons are bishops. I would not make them
bishops by addressing them as "Bishop"; nor would I prevent them from
being one by not using the title.

I am sometimes amused by the way some stumble over my own title 'Dr.'
Some associates who comfortably call me 'Louie' in most discourse
shift to "Dr." when they are arguing with me.  Some on the Right
shift to "Mr.", and others stay with say the word "Dr." with a special
emphasis that exudes contempt.

The responses say much much more about them than about me.

I learned my own most important relationship to the title quite early.
When I was graduated with the Ph.D., I ordered new checks from the
bank with my title on them.  That proved a big mistake:  sometimes
plumbers and auto repair shops charged me more.  But the clincher was
the time I was on a plane and the flight attendant came rushing to me,
"Doctor Crew, we need you right now.  A passenger is having a baby."
"But I am not that kind of doctor," I replied.  "Well you are right
now.  Take this bucket of hot water and come with me."



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