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Bishops Pledge to 'Exorcise Gay Ghosts' (Kampala, Uganda)

The new report from Kampala echoes the efforts of Bishop Emanuel
Chukwama attempting to exorcise English deacon Richard Kirker at
Lambeth 1998.  You may hear a recording of that unsuccessful bit of
nonsense at http://rci.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/exorciz2.wav

The new pledge of the Church of Uganda is scapegoating.  If Ugandan
Anglicans were practicing what they preach, there would be no AIDS
crisis there.  If we're going to talk openly about sexual practices,
let's not limit them to lbgts in The Episcopal Church.  Let's talk
about Anglican polygamy in much of Africa.  Let's talk about bishops
with mistresses and priests whose names are known in the community.
Let's talk about divorce and remarriage the world over.....

Far better, let's talk about Jesus' love of each and every one of us.

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>Bishops Pledge to 'Exorcise Gay Ghosts'
>Nicholas Kajoba
>         Kampala - Church of Uganda bishops have called for prayer for
>         The bishops and their spouses were meeting in Lweza, Wakiso
>district, last week for their end-of-year retreat.
>         The retreat centred mainly on finding ways of fighting homosexuality
>in the Anglican Church worldwide.
>         Over ten bishops attended the retreat and resolved to work together.
>         "We are ready to fight hard to ensure that homosexual activities do
>not penetrate the church in Uganda," they said.
>         The chairman of bishops in Buganda region, Paul Luzinda, said the
>church had the moral and spiritual duty to counsel society against practices
>like homosexuality.
>         Luzinda called for religious unity and tolerance, saying this would
>spur development in the country.
>         He urged Ugandans to work hard and support government programmes on
>poverty eradication.
>         "We're working with government to fight poverty.  We support
>programmes that will enable Ugandans live better," he said.

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