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Re: "Confession and Calling of the Anglican Communion....."

On Jan 21 2:27pm *******@aol.com wrote:

> Thanks, Louie.  The part about this confession that drives me nuts
> is the part about those differing with the "traditional" church
> teaching on marriage as mounting an "attack on the mystery of God".
> Such offensive blather.  ******* *******

I agree.  The attacks are so steady right now, that I am tuning out on
much of it.  I just finished William Saffire's delightful novel
SCANDALMONGERS, based on the facts of the first three presidencies of
the United States, with many of the others of that period active
participants in the novel.  It makes our current rancor seem tame.  So
does St. Paul

	"I wish those who unsettle you would castrate themselves!"
        Galations 5:12 (NRSV)

and remember that one of the disciples cut off someone's ear in the
rush after Maundy Thursday.

The Network's documents from Plano yesterday surprised me by their
tameness.  They did not even insist on "alternate" or "alternative"
episcopal oversight, only on "adequate" (the term used by the primates
at their meeting in London last October).

The Presiding Bishop and the House of Bishops are working now on the
details of a plan to over "supplemental episcopal pastoral care."
Earlier AAC leaders had insisted that the PB's proposal was not
enough, that a congregation ought to be able to bring in a bishop of
its own choice without having the permission of the bishop who
currently exercises jurisdiction over them.  Nothing has ever
prevented a bishop from allowing another bishop to exercise episcopal
functions within her/his diocese, but never have bishops been allowed
to provide episcopal functions without the permission of the local
bishop:  Lambeth conferences have repeatedly made this point for

All parties will have to consider what "adequate" episcopal care is on
a case by case basis, but that has always been true, and keeps us at
the table.

The Network's official press release and foundational document sounded
about as innocuous as a group of macho tail-gaiting Episcopalians at a
football came or 4th-of-July picnic.  Probably die-hards have not
diminished their fervent commitment to a more radical and illegal
take-over, but the rhetoric surely has toned down.  I hope that
signals that persons of good faith in the Network, and I assume that
to be the vast majority, are committed to keeping the struggle within
the family rather than to leave it.  That is good news for all.



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