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Re: W Tenn pastoral letter

On Jan 15 10:44pm XXXXXXXX XXXX wrote:

> Dear Dr Crew,
> Grace and peace be with you.  Thank you for posting the West Tennessee
> pastoral letter on the Bishops/Deputies listserve.  An extraordinary
> turn of events. [It appears at http://www.episwtn.org/Pastoral%20Letter.htm]
> What do you think it means?  Johnson was one of the weak links in the
> conservative chain ... and his denunciation of the AAC was unexpected
> by me ... and may very well prove disastrous.  Do you think any of his
> Episcopal brethren will follow suit?
> I think Johnson's letter illustrates, from an organizational point of
> view ---- truth and error aside ---- of why you were so successful in
> building Integrity into the organization that it has become.  By
> keeping it lay-focused and lay lead you were able to withstand in the
> early years the bellows of bishops trapped like mastodons in the ooze.
> *********


It appears we now know what Kendall meant when again and again
he played games with us in Minneapolis, assuring us that he had a
secret strategy and surprises.

The dirty tricks at Watergate did not bring Richard Nixon down.  He
did that himself by denying his association with the plot once The
Washington Post brought it to light.  Any leader of AAC who wants to
survive in a position of vital influence in TEC should leave the AAC
and apologize for the harm the dirty tricks have done to all, not just
to TEC and the communion, but to faithful people with genuine dissent.

You are a talented person, a gifted priest.  I urge you to
dissassociate from the AAC and its affiliates.  The Episcopal Church
needs your gifts and your point of view untainted by all the suspicion
that affiliation engenders.


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