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Re: AAC Battle Plan

On Jan 14 7:33am ****** ********* wrote:

> Hi, Louie,
>     Have you seen the statement you can reach at the following link?
> It is a confidential memo outed to the press, which an AAC member
> sets forth a blueprint for eventually gaining control of ECUSA
> church property, recognition from the majority of primates, and a
> reallignment of the Anglican Communion itself.  Once it had been
> made public, Kendall put a link to the statement and then criticized
> the press accounts of it on his blog.  The link is
> http://www.thinkinganglicans.org.uk/ss/archives/000405.html#more.
> On a quick reading, it is hard for me to tell to what degree this is 
> a draft of a wish list with some cheer-leading, and to what degree it 
> may reflect the approach the AAC and its allies will take to achieve 
> a successful putsch.
> Peace,
> ******* **********

I agree that it is difficult to assess the influence the drafter has
in the AAC.  He's rector of one of their most significant parishes.
The WASHINGTON POST took it seriously.

I think that it would be wise to let the AAC's own constituency do the
reacting for now.  I believe some who are unhappy with GC and share
much of the AAC's point of view will nevertheless disconnect
themselves from the dirty tricks promoted in the memo.

These are difficult times. People who are hurt often lose touch with
their best principles.  All of us have lost touch with our best
principles at some time or other.  That's why we need one another,
again and again to call us back to faithfulness.

With God's help, we can survive these challenges a stronger church,
better poised for mission -- if we can just learn to love one another
as God in Christ loves us all.

Best wishes.


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