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Re: [HoB/D] Fw: Southern Cone - Primate's Letter to Frank Griswold

XXXXXXXX, you mistake your inference for my implication.  You are unfair
to imagine what I had in mind and then condemn me for the imaginations
of your own heart.

I care about the Southern Cone, and I resent your suggestion that I do
not.  You ripped three lines from my larger message, a message in
which I took care to provide the detailed information which, in
another message, you complained that church leaders don't care enough
to know. I included the numbers of TEC missionaries in each country in
the province and the sources for their funding. I pointed you to a
list of the names of the missionaries.  I named all TEC dioceses that
have companion relationship.....

Yesterday I made further inquiries and confirmed that although TEC
makes no block grants to Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America,
ERD and UTO provide help there.  I rejoice in our corporate efforts
on their behalf and hope that will continue and expand.

Archbishop Venables will be heard with more respect when he spends as
much time caring for TEC as he does condemning us and trying to
embarrass us before the whole world.  As my grandmother used to say,
you can catch lots more flies with honey than with vinegar.

I wish Archbishop Venables could spend quiet time with Gay Christians;
he writes in ignorance of God's work among us.  If we matched the
stereotype he promotes about us, I would be opposed to us as much as
he is.

Louie Crew, Newark

     I really should not be out here talking to you. You understand
     that, I hope. And don't be telling anyone else about this
     conversation lest somebody misunderstand my compassion. Before
     you can drink any of my living water, you have got to leave your
     current lover and go back to your very first husband. And I
     expect you to tell everyone how bad you have been. Then I'll see
     what I can do for you.

     -- Jesus at Jacob's Well (from Quean Lutibelle's Fundamentalists

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> Your diocese of Rhode Island has 26,386 communicants.  Iglesia
> Anglicana del Cono Sur de America has less than twice that many. TEC
> in New England has 235,766 communicants.

I am troubled at the implication that, because the Church of the Southern
Cone has, relative to its size, a small number of communicants, we can pay it
less heed than the Episcopal Church in New England.  All of us have equal
standing before the throne of Grace, do we not?  A family does not treat even the
littlest member with any less love and respect than the largest or the oldest.
To do otherwise is not to "respect the dignity of every human being."


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