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Re: Telling the Truth

>From the Washington Post, January 11, 2004:
> Murphy said he is a proponent of an "outside strategy" for change,
> in contrast to what he called the "inside strategy" adopted by the
> network.
> "I believe the inside strategy is an attempt to find a way so that
> people can keep the four P's - position, power, property and
> pensions - within ECUSA, without having to embrace the latest
> theology of ECUSA," he said.

Murphy's outside strategy?

Murphy is still listed in the CLERICAL DIRECTORY (both the hard copy
issued in 2003 and the online version updated all along -- at
http://www.ecdplus.org/search/   The hard copy listing shows that he
did respond to the latest survey from the Church Pension Group, so it
is not likely that this is just a carry-over.  The online listing
notes "Information not provided for clergy's principal position(s) or

Rodgers is no longer listed in either.


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