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Re: [HoB/D] Fw: Southern Cone - Primate's Letter to Frank Griswold

> Am I the only person who does not know what the Southern Cone is?
> XXXXXX XXXXXX, Deputy from RI

It is the Anglican Church in

Northern Argentina

a.k.a. Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America

See the entry for it in the online directory of the Anglican Communion
at http://www.anglicancommunion.org/tour/province.cfm?ID=S5

The entire province has 40,000 communicants, according to an Anglican
Communion News Service release at

Your diocese of Rhode Island has 26,386 communicants.  Iglesia
Anglicana del Cono Sur de America has less than twice that many. TEC
in New England has 235,766 communicants.

There are currently eight missionaries of the Episcopal Church in four
of those countries:

0 Argentina
4 Bolivia
2 Chile
0 Northern Argentina
1 Paraguay
1 Peru
0 Uruguay

Their names appear in "Missionaries of the Episcopal Church" in The
Episcopal Church Annual 2003 (pages 36-39).  Only one of the eight is
funded by the budget of GC, and that partially.  The others are funded
by the South American Missionary Society (SAMS).

According to the official list of companion dioceses TEC at

   The Diocese of Albany and the Diocese of South Carolina have a
   companion relationships with the Diocese of
   Northern Argentina.

   The Diocese of Virginia has companion relationships with Uruguay
   and Argentina.

   The Diocese of the Rio Grande has a companion relationship with

L., Member of Exc. Council, Deputy from Newark

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