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Re: [LS] a response to "same sex sex"

> In listening to their testimony, it struck me that both individuals
> have been able to "make sense" out of their personal situation only
> by accepting traditional morality; that is, when they transgressed
> the bounds of traditional morality (or more properly, I think, our
> own culture's traditional "mores"), they suffered the consequences.
> Any fundamental change to moral teachings would, thereby, upset this
> house of cards; their life experience would no longer make sense.
> It has also been clear that these two individuals can only with
> enormous difficulty countenance any challenge to these traditional
> mores. Moreover, they go further, and try to universalize the
> "tradition", and find a theological and/or scriptural basis for it.
> It is hard to make any generalizations based on the witness of two
> individuals.  I would be interested in hearing of other persons' experiences
> in listening to the witness of "the other".

I have had extensive correspondence and live contact with several
persons whose perceptions have been shaped by dynamics similar to
those you describe.  I honor salvation they have worked out for
themselves with fear and trembling, and with God's help.

For example, One of my friends was delivered from furtive and
anonymous encounters in the bushes back into a vital attraction to his
wife.  I rejoice in that miracle, and know that it can happen.  I have
seen the same miracle happen for gay men delivered from the bushes
back into a vital attraction to their male life-partners.

The real risk for ALL of us is the tendency to make icons out of our
own deliverance and prescribe, even mandate, for others what has
been a means of grace for us.  Idolatry is always a compelling option
when what we have experienced has been redemptive, life giving.  But
idols kill rather than replicate spiritual experiences.  We cannot
freeze-dry manna.

What all desperately need is a supportive community which expects
epiphany, loves us through epiphanies again and again, and refuses to
control how wholeness might be made manifest.



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