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Theological responses to gay life that aren't written by gay or lesbian persons

On Jan 8, 2004, at 11:34 AM, XXXXXXXXXX@AOL.COM wrote:

> The same sex sex posting reminded me that this is a terribly valuable
> forum for my request.  A very dear friend has come out, both to
> himself, others, and his mother.  The mother is struggling, but
> struggling to understand, which seems extremely positive.
> My request is this:  she would like to read some theological responses
> to gay life that aren't written by gay or lesbian persons, feeling
> that there is ax grinding going on there.  Can anyone suggest a good
> book/article/resource or two?

I suggest you send a contribution of $15 to

Communications Office
Diocese of Bethlehem
333 Wyandotte Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015

and ask for the 1.5 hour video of Bishop Marshall on "How do we read
the bible?"  It is a superb record of his presentation at the
Cathedral of the Nativity, all done as the background for his consent
to the election of +VGR.     Every Christian needs to experience this
resource.  It is brilliant, accessible, and makes several points that
I have not encountered anywhere else.

You might also buy your friend a copy of LIVING IN SIN, by perhaps the
most famous and widely read of our straight allies.

Don't dare let her get near a real live lesbian or gay male Christian,
however, lest she see Jesus' face shining in ours.


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