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Unable to Hear?

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> On Tuesday, January 6, 2004, XXXXX wrote:
>          I have become convinced that one of the evil results of same sex
> sex is that its practicioners and their supporters become unable to hear
> any witness against it. That inability to hear leads to a kind of
> totalitarian behavior that is a sin against the liberty of conscience
> fundamental to true religion.

The problem I have with such opposition is not with their clear
witness to their convictions, but to their continuing to assume that
we have not heard them.  In 25 days Ernest and I will begin our fourth
decade of commitment.  Yet many seem to think that we have not heard
them unless we can say, "Well, let's start back at Square 1 and decide
whether we will sin against God if we make a life commitment to each
other."  And they think we must go back to Square 1 whenever anyone,
regardless of how new to the discussion, raises the question again.
Otherwise, WE are judged hard of hearing.

There is a critical earwax problem here.  Those that have ears to hear
need to start doing so.

I stayed at Square 1 for 28 years before I had a relationship at all.
I was 36 when Ernest and I made our commitment, after years of soul
searching.  Enough already.

Let the opposition tell us what God is doing in their lives, not what
God is doing in ours.


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