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Re: alpha again

>       I sometimes wonder if a
>       superficial grasp of religion might actually
>       be more harmful than none at all.

Very Rev. Paul Clasper, for many years a baptist missionary in Burma,
came over the wall to the Episcopal Church under Kilmer Myers of
California.  When I met Paul he was a colleague at Chinese University
in Hong Kong, but very soon became Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral.  He
told me about running into a man in the park just outside the
cathedral (and just below the governor's mansion), who said of his new
grandson, "I suppose I'll have to bring him by soon so that you can DO
him."  Paul said that too many treat baptism as a kind of
inoculation, a small dose of the 'disease' so that you want have to
experience the real thing.

That's one of the reasons I oppose prayer in the public schools, which
too often functions as a vaccination against the real thing.


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