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Re: [forum] RE: women physicians and others.

> It's not about "me".  It's about the folks who are in
> our care.  I commend that attitude to the Episcopal
> church.

XXXXX, how right you are.  I join you in that commendation.  A few of
our bishops on both sides of the ideological battles seem to manifest
far too little imagination in the way they serve those with whom they
radically disagree.  As you note, it is usually those who are secure
in their own discipleship who are able generously to allow other
colleagues to minister to those who prefer alternative care.

> If we were to follow the medical model, "where [we] go
> from [here] would appear to be "alternate pastoral
> oversight" implemented in a serious fashion.

You shift the term from "care" to "oversight", and in the current
discussion, both freight extra baggage.  The Presiding Bishop and
Executive Council whole-heartedly support "supplemental episcopal
pastoral care" -- keeping the people's needs at the center of
attention.  The ACC has rejected that model, insisting on "alternative
episcopal oversight" -- a distinction which would let persons or
bodies outside the diocese overrule the authority of the local bishop.
The AAC's model would keep the authority of the rival bishops at the
center of attention.  The AAC model is about power, not care.

Receiving the AAC brand of "alternative episcopal oversight" would not
be like changing doctors but like restructuring the hospital --
changing the whole system of how Episcopal bishops are bishops.

There is already a way to experience another kind of episcopal
oversight without changing the nature of bishop's authority in TEC, as
you have discovered in becoming a Roman Catholic.

May God give us all discernment, and when the mirror is especially
smudgey, hold us in the bondage of love for one another.

Joy to you!

Member of Executive Council

 "Do not begin to say to yourselves, 'We have have the correct plumbing,'
 for I tell you, God is able from these stones to raise up children
 whose plumbing he approves." (after Lk 3.8)

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