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Speak the truth to our neighbors, for we are members of one another. (Eph. 4:25)

BISHOPS" at http://www.virtuosityonline.org/digest/digest_031210.txt

I normally don't read David Virtue, but decided to read this piece
after receiving your note. I share several reactions:

1) Like David Virtue, I too am offended by the tone and quality of
   some of the discourse on the Springfield list.  I had just
   completed a week of reflections on Love as a fruit of the Spirit
   for WORDS FOR TODAY 2005, an annual book in Britain.  I did not see
   much of the fruit of the spirit in the way the correspondents are
   responding to their real adversity.  It is not a group where I
   would want to spend much time.

2) I am offended by anonymity.  One cannot pick up an anonymous cross
   to follow Jesus.   Of course there is risk:  that is why we are
   Christians, to take risks to witness to the truth.  Anonymous
   complains abuse.  I think those who wrote them should apologize to
   Bishop Beckwith.

3) I find it interesting that David hits me harder than any of them,
   by suggesting that I am the host for that discourse.  I list the
   groups at 


   but I no more host these progressive groups than I host the 
   opposition, whom I list with links at


   David "saves himself" from an out-right lie by quoting me to the
   contrary, but he leaves the charge in his opening remarks about it.
   This is typical David Virtue behavior.

   David further suggests I am whipping up the furor by quoting
   someone who had asked me what they could do about their bishop's
   alleged misbehavior.  As I would do for a conservative raising
   the same question, I gave as a matter of simple information that
   The Office of Pastoral Development fields such complaints.
   In no way did I pretend to know or evaluate the particulars of
   the charges.

   If I tried to respond to every incidence of David's abuse, I would
   have little time to tell, or live into, much better news.

4) Persons who set up discussion groups on the web ought to
   know something about what they are doing, especially regarding
   privacy.  I am amazed at the naivete of setting up a group
   meant to be private in a way that anyone may access it without
   a login.

"By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, generosity, faithfulness..." Galations 5:22

Joy to you!


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