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The word 'homophile'

> > Does the use of the word "homophile" in a discussion of homosexuality
> > indicate a bias on the part of the speaker, or is "homophile" a value-free
> > term? I'm honestly not sure, and it's a matter of some importance.

I rarely hear the word 'homophile' unless the person using it is one
or more of these:

1) Over 50
2) Pedantic
3) Anglican  (possibly even an Anglophiliac)
4) A heterophiliac

In 1973 or early 1974 a bishop in one of the Florida dioceses stood up
in the House of Bishops to ask what one did when he found a queer
among his clergy.

One thing for certain, one did not speak that way in the House of
Bishops for long.  The House immediately formed "The House of Bishops'
Task Force on Homophiles and the Ministry," chaired by +David Richards
(director of the Office of Pastoral Development at the time -- i.e.,
the office that deals with troublesome bishops, bishops in
trouble....); others included Dr. George Benson (a psychiatrist in St.
Louis); Bishop John Walker (then Bishop Suffragan of Washington, later
the ordinary); Rev. Canon Clinton Jones (pyschologist specializing in
sexual identity issues at Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford), et al.
As soon as ads for Integrity appeared in September and October of
1974, They summoned me to meet with representatives of the Task Force,
and I did so in November, delivering by hand the copies of the first
issue of Integrity's newsletter, which I had posted to subscribers in
the mail on my way to the bus.


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