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It has been giving me sleples night while trying to make up my mind in which way to follow

On Nov 24 10:22am XXXXXX  XXXXXX  wrote:

> Beloved

> I am writing not to you to know your view on this issue at hand in
> the Anglican comunity "man sleeping with man or geting married". in
> fact it has ben disturbing many anglicans here in Nigeria where by
> there are some people into it and others hate it with passion.I want
> to know if it is right to go into it or togo against it because it
> has been giving me sleples night while trying to make up my mind in
> which way to follow.

> I will be glad if you can advice me by replying this mail. thanks
> and God bless.



God bless you in your spiritual journey.

In my experience, it is better to fall in love with a person than with 
a sexual identity.  Once you are in love with a person, you will more
clearly see what will honor that person and you, as well as see what
will not.

It's hard to tell from your note whether your question is theoretical
based on a desire to reach a conclusion in the abstract or whether
your question is based on a personal choice you feel to make about
your own behavior towards someone to whom you are attracted.

On the abstract question, I lean on Jesus's assertion that all love is
of God and his clarification that all the law and the prophets must
hang on the big two:  love God; love your neighbor as yourself.
I believe that loving, life commitments are of God, whether they are
homosexual or heterosexual.

On the personal question, be sure that your love for the other person
is whole and that you are both honest with one another.  Sex alone is
not enough to build a relationship on.  If your beloved is of the same
gender as you, much of the world will want to reduce you just to your
sexuality, the easier to condemn you or dismiss you.  God made each of
you to be full persons, and you must live in ways that let your
fullness, your wholeness flourish.

It will also help to find others who share your convictions and be
community for one another.

God has richly blessed my partner Ernest and me in our marriage,
thirty years ago from this coming February 2. I am sure that God wants
joy and wholeness for absolutely everybody.

I hope this response is helpful.


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