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Re: [LS] Your film recommendations

> There must be films that work at a deeper level. It's just that all the ones 
> I can think of right now are entertainment. Many are great entertainment. 
> But I wouldn't add them to my personal canon of scripture.

All texts work on me powerfully; I get into their illusions easily.
That's why I won't watch horror movies or read de Sade:  I surrender my
emotions easily and fully, but don't want to surrender them to cheap
thrills or to images that I consider damaging.

I can keep a critical distance when I need too, but I prefer letting
the text do its own work on me first; any analysis I make afterward
is much enriched by this order.

As a boy I felt my suggestibility to narratives was a dead giveaway
that I was a sissy, and neighbors teased me relentlessly.  I did them
one better by becoming the best ghost story creator for three blocks
around, and I could break down even the most macho kid and make him
believe their was a phantom at his back.  That's one reason I
preferred radio even after the 10th grade, when we got our first TV
set, the last household on the block to have one.  I love audio books
more than movies even now, because with audio books the text works on
my own imagination to create the details.

We did not have much live theater in the small town in Alabama where I
grew up.  Except on film and on phonograph records, I had never
experienced Shakespeare as performance, only as script, until after I
wrote a master's thesis on him.  Six years later, after teaching in
boarding schools, I escaped to London to come out.  I taught in a
slums of Penge, near the Crystal Palace.  I had a BSA motorcycle.  In
eleven months I attended 128 plays, 45 operas, and did not count the
concerts and films.  I was a member of two cinema clubs.....  What a
feast for the heart and mind.


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