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Re: What Gene Robinson Can Learn From Jackie Robinson (TIME MAGAZINE) (fwd)

In 1948 my Dad took me to a national hardware convention in Detroit.
Although I was only 11, I got to go alone to the All-Star game.
Afterwards I asked the hotel desk to tell me his room number (as they
would in those days) and after I had knocked several times, Jackie
Robison showed up in a towel dripping wet.

"Will you sign my baseball?" I drawled.

"Where are you from, Carrot Top?" he asked as he took my pen and ball.

"Alabama," I answered.

"I am glad to sign it for you," he said smiling.

In 30 years with Ernest life continues to imitate baseball.



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> Louie,
> Thanks for sending this along.  It proves once again that life does indeed imitate baseball.
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