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Re: On lack of influence

XXXXXXXX, sugar,

I have more clout than is seemly, and it is not very important in
Chairos.  For us disciples of Jesus, the most important power is the
ability to serve, the ability to forgive one's enemies, the ability to
invest talent redemptively.....

I would never want to impede my influence for good by assuming that it
can be diminished by how the Bishop of XXXXXXXXX  arranges his calendar.

The energy exerted on this list trying to shame the Bishop of XXXXXXXXX 
could be much better spent.  Take that time to spend with Nigerian
Anglicans in XXXXXXXXXX, e.g., seeing which of their needs you can
easily help meet.  Tell the rest of us about those efforts......

Scott Gil Heron wrote a poem called 'The Revolution Will Not Be
Televised.'  There are few menaces to spirituality as great as the
raging cult of celebrity, which threatens to snag us all.


'Gird up thy loins like a Quean; then will I confess that your own
hand can save you.'

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