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Re: Please educate me about your life style

On Nov 8 3:52am Valentine Mokiwa wrote:

> Dear Louie,
> Greetings.
> I wish to ask some questions and I hope you will bear with my ignorance but
> please educate me. I am asking and you need to know that I 'm not trying to
> hurt you in anyway.
> 1. In your email you appeared with another man you called your partner and
> you said you have a relationship with him for the past 25? years, and you
> say you are gay/homosexual yourself. My question now is who uses the other,
> in a relationship of husband and wife the question would be who is the woman
> and who is like the husband in your relationshiop?
> 2. To me you live in sin and you practice sodomy -- Am I wrong?
> 3. What is the difference between sodomy and homosexuality?--to me looks
> pretty same!
> 4. What is your interpretation of the following scriptures to you, Deut.
> 27:26, Rom1:24,26,27 ICor 3:16, and 6:9-10 please read it all and tell me
> how do you understand  words such as "men kept for unnatural purposes", and
> "men who lie with men"
> 5. Can you tell me the place of Gene Robinson in relation to question # 1?
> Can you send me your photo again?
> Thank you again,
> +Valentine


I am pleased that you want to know more.

In less than a month I will be 67 years old.  My sex life would be of
no interest to you, nor would my discussing it tell you anything of
value about my almost 30 year monogamous life commitment to my life
partner, Ernest Clay.  It would be even less appropriate for me to
discuss the particulars of Bishop Robinson's sex life.

Being Gay and Christian is about far more than sexuality.
You might want to look at a couple of my biographical essays:




Both of those have pictures.

You should also listen to what persons who say who know me very well
at close range.  See what my bishop has had to say about me at


and what two Anglican seminaries have had to say about me at



You can find materials that address your concerns about those bible
passages at


How old are you?  Are you married?  How do you integrate sexuality and
spirituality in your own faith journey?

May God bless you and use you to bless others.


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