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Re: Back from New Hampshire

Dr. King said that there comes a time when "those who go to the back
of the bus, deserve the back of the bus."

Some say, "But let me get my degree" or "But let me serve for 10 years
first" or "let me get to be a cardinal rector first" or ....

Jesus said, "Let the dead bury the dead."

What does it profit you to gain hetero-privilege and lose your

"You who would have life must lose it, and those who lose their life
for my sake will have it."

The peace that is no peace, the marvelous peace of God.


> Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 14:42:49 -0500
> From: Walter C. Righter <Walter.Righter@adelphia.net>
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> To: "bishopsdeputies@hobd.org" <bishopsdeputies@hobd.org>
> Subject: Re: [HoB/D] Re:  Back from New Hampshire
> Hi Chris:  Your suggestion in another post that every gay Bishop now come
> out - prompts me to suggest that every gay ordained person come out.  When
> people are out we are seeing persons - not simply talking about ideas.  And
> our society will be healthier for it. About Gene being a gay bishop - that
> is not necessarily excluding his being a good one.  He will be!  Walter
> Righter

> Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 15:10:18 EST
> From: "Tickrel@aol.com" <Tickrel@aol.com>
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> Subject: [forum] Re: [HoB/D] Re:  Back from New Hampshire
> An excellent idea, Bishop!  Let me add a heartfelt second to it.
> It is time that Gene Robinson no longer stand alone as the bull's
> eye on everyone's dart board.  May others move with integrity to
> occupy with him the public space he has so gracefully opened.
> Phyllis Tickle

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