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Re: Question

Being 'out of Communion' is a vague term that operates differently on
many levels.  When a diocese is 'out of Communion' with another, it is
not at all likely that unwelcome would be manifested to a visitor from
the spurned diocese, and certainly even the spurned diocese itself
might expect requests for grants from the spurner if the spurner is in
need.   At the Lambeth gathering last month, several bishops planned
not to have Eucharist with the whole because they were out of
communion with The Episcopal Church, yet on the urging of the
Archbishop relented and all had Eucharist together.

I do not know the details of such protests after the ordination of
women, and am looking for that information.  I do know that none of
our women bishops could receive a license to serve in Britain today,
nor in many other parts of the Anglican Communion.  But how many would
even want to:  bishops normally are chosen by a diocese to serve in
that place.  While all are bishops for the whole church, those whom
they oversee are in one location.

Thank you for your kind words.


> Mr. Crew,
>     Thanks for the great pages. Lots of good stuff for us right now. I
> wonder if you have any information regarding being in or out of
> communion with the rest of the Anglican Communion in regards to the past
> i.e.. ordaining women?
>     We hear from our Bishops and priest about being out of communion
> with the rest of the Anglicans and how bad, etc.  Did this same thing
> not happen when certain US Dioceses ordained women?  When did the
> situation soften to allow ordained women in the worldwide Communion?  Is
> it possible to conclude that our female priest would be allowed to
> participate in the worldwide Anglican Communion?  Would she be allowed
> in Nigeria, Sudan, India, The Philippines or Ireland or England to
> celebrate mass?
>     I must confess I am from the Albany, NY Diocese and we are not happy
> with the rhetoric we hear and after hearing Bishop Robinson on NBC this
> AM I was moved to question this point as he stated that we are and have
> been out of communion over the ordination of women and this current
> topic is no new thing.
>     Is it not possible to counter the American Anglican Council's
> arguments with this bit of information?  I am so tired of hearing that
> the rest of the world will not want us to be in communion and it is only
> right for us in our diocese if we denounce the New Hampshire Diocese.
> Sign me out on a limb and trying not to be out of communion with our
> Bishops,

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