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Whose Property is Always to Show Mercy

I am about to return to New Jersey from London, where I have been
keeping vigil.  I am delighted that the primates did not this time
step beyond the bounds of their authority.  Those who needed to spoke
their pain, on all sides.  The Presiding Bishop demonstrated grace
under fire (i.e. vintage back bone) and made it clear that failing the
Second Coming, he would be in NH on November 2nd to consecrate Gene+
as +Gene in Christ's church.

I have found few disciples who can recall the terms which ended the
Council of Jerusalem.  Nor will many remember the terms of the
document produced by the primates at this extraordinary gathering.
But just as we do remember that circumcision was no longer a
requirement after the Council of Jerusalem, generations to come will
realize that this council met, struggled to the brink of schism, chose
to remain together, and did not block sisters and brother Christians
from living into their autonomous experience of the Holy Spirit in
consenting to the consecration of an honestly gay bishop.

May God give us a double portion of generosity toward those who are
hurting because of what we in good faith have understood to be the
calling of our discipleship.  May our wrestling continue to bring us
face to face, locked in an embrace with God in the hug of those with
whom we disagree.


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