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RE: [HoB/D] When the roll is called.... revisited

> So, the list is only a list.
> Still, for those of us not there it is of some value to know who
> was. And, the remaining question of who the other bishops were is
> still unanswered.

Lesbian and gay Christians have repeatedly paid penalties for
identifying ourselves to help the church learn what God is doing in
our lives.

The AAC is using the Dallas summit to emphasize their strength in
numbers.  I am not impressed when hundreds of people gather to take
actions against the Episcopal Church but are afraid to give their
names or clarify whether they did or did not sign the summit's final
commitment.  A Place to Stand?  In the shadows?

Even the KKK parades without hoods these days.


  Just what part of "whosoever believes" do you not understand?


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