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Re: [Changing Attitude] prognostications

> Unfortunately, those who are demanding this have done their homework.
> Reform is now demanding that the Archbishop of Canterbury "suspend the
> instruments of communion". They have got that exactly right - it is what
> the Archbishop of Canterbury can do, and I have a feeling it is what he
> will do. "Suspending the instruments of communion" means disinviting the
> suspended parties from the Lambeth Conference, the Primates' meeting and
> the Anglican Consultative Council. That is, de facto, suspension from the
> Communion, and will be generally recognised as such. If I read the signs of
> the times aright, I fear that this is by far the most likely outcome of the
> Primates' meeting. The Archbishop has been dropping hints of this all over
> the place, and after he gave in to the fundamentalists over the Reading
> appointment I can't see much reason to hope that his personal beliefs will
> influence his decision at all.

TEC currently pays 29.6% of the bill of the ACC.  Will that bill be
suspended too?  Since payments are in effect voluntary, what incentive
would we on Executive Council of TEC have to pay it?

See http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/accrequests99-02.htm

L., Member of Executive Council

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