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Passive Resistance

> But perhaps the biggest problem is that [he] probably cannot
> deliver the scale of disruption that he is promising and we're all going
> to look silly and inconsequential.

I vividly remember an occasion when I promised disruption that I knew
I could not deliver, but it felt so good to do it:

In 1975 I had written to The Rev. Tom Bowers, who chaired the Social
Concerns Committee of the Diocese of Atlanta (where I was living at
the time) asking him to let me meet with the Committee to discuss
ministry with lesbians and gays.  I had founded Integrity a few months
earlier (this coming Wednesday will mark the 29th year), and I taught
in a small college for African Americans in a rural part of the state.
Tom+ was then rector of St. Luke's, a large parish in Atlanta.  He had
established a large tv ministry, and the service each Sunday was
broadcast over many stations in the USA.  Tom+ later went on to become
rector of St. Bartholomew's on Park Avenue in New York City.

Tom+ did not reply, and after a month, I wrote again, this time saying
that if the Committee would not meet with me, I would go to New York
City and bring a Greyhound bus full of transvestites to Atlanta to
attend one of his services.

He wrote back soon, apologizing for his delay.  He pled that he had
mislaid my request in the wrong stack of correspondence.  The
Committee would indeed meet with me, he assured, and he suggested
specific dates.

"But Louie," he added, "please do bring that bus full of
transvestites.  They would enrich our worship and encourage far more
people to tune in."

People will know that we are Christians by our ability to love one
another like that!   Then it does not matter how silly we look, and no
one is inconsequential.

Gandhi said that his passive resistance worked only because England
was a country with a conscience that could be shamed into doing the
right thing.  It's a bit more uncertain for lbgts vis-a-vis the

Joy anyway!  See you soon.

L., Fool/Queer for Christ's sake!

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