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Re: [LS] Follow-up Resolution for C051

> She [the bishop] did ask, however, that we not notify the press 
> and make an "event" out of it.

Good for her!  The real marriage is the one that the couple do
themselves, day after day, month after month, year after year.  I have
seen two couples in high profile gay unions fall apart when the media
were no longer interested and they had to settle into the reality of
'for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in

>From the theology of BRIDES MAGAZINE, deliver us, oh God.
>From celebrity, deliver us, oh God.
>From pedestals and granite makeup, deliver us, oh God.
>From the sins of selfishness, deliver us, oh God, and forgive us.
>From passive aggression, deliver us, oh God, and forgive us.
>From jealousy and deceit, from snooping and from indifference,
  deliver us, oh God, and forgive us.
>From loving our image of our beloved more than the beloved as is,
  deliver us, oh God, and forgive us.
For every wrinkle and gray hair, we thank you.
For every snuggle when we are downcast, we thank you.
Help us in our struggles to be just with our resources of
  time and money.
When our partner is least lovable may we be most loving, and
  when we fail, forgive us and restore us.
May we love our partner as much as you do.
May our union not shield us from the world but energize us to
  serve it.  Amen


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