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Re: Primates Meeting expectations

I rejoice that the primates are meeting face to face at this time.  I
hope they will model kindness, grace, forgiveness, meekness, patience,
and humility.

I urge them not to diminish their real and important authority by
speaking beyond it.  They are not a juridical body.  They have the
power to advise, not to mandate.

I urge them to restore moral authority by living into the failed
promises of the Lambeth sexuality resolution in sections c, d, and f:

"we commit ourselves to listen to the experience of homosexual people"
and request "the Primates and the ACC to establish a means of
monitoring the work done on the subject of human sexuality in the
Communion and to share statements and resources among us."  

Gay and lesbian people have heard very little that sounds loving or 
pastoral; instead some primates have steadily condemned. Very few have 
listened to lesbian and gay Christians tell our stories of Jesus' work 
in our ministries.

[See the full text of the resolution at

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