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"The Baptists vote dry and drink wet"

> One of our favorite sayings in town was that, "The Baptists vote dry and
> drink wet."  We had to go to Big Springs, NM, to get anything to drink, even
> beer..

Two of my close and brightest classmates were kicked out of Baylor for
drinking beer in the mid-1950's.  At local restaurants you could order
"Baptist Tea," beer with lemon and mint so your friends wouldn't know.
The standard joke was, "What's the difference between a Baptist and a
Methodist?  Answer:  The Methodist will speak to you when you run into
each other in the liquor store."  That's why Whiskeypalianism became
very popular for some x-Baptists.

How easily these battles distract us from more important social
justice concerns.  Baylor remained tightly segregated until black on
the U.  Texas football creamed the Baylor line.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Legion.

Joy anyway!


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