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Re: Need Clarification

> Something came up yesterday that I hope you can clarify for me.  I am sure
> that something you wrote was taken totally out of context (and this was the
> explanation given to the person who read it by the bishop).  Someone (sorry, 
> I didn't get the name or parish) read something he attributed to you in which 
> it was stated that the blessing/marriage of same sex partners would lead to
> blessings of multiple partner unions--or something to that effect.  I am 
> guessing that if something of this nature appeared in print that it was in 
> a very tongue in  cheek manner and, as I said, read out of context.  Does 
> this ring any bell or  can you clarify it?

I do not recognize the quotation from your summary of it, but it might
refer to a remark that I made at an Integrity meeting -- a national
meeting in Atlanta, if I remember correctly.  I had been asked to
comment on the plight of gay singles and their need for affirmation
from the church.  I acknowledged that gay singles do need affirmation
but indicated that I felt we could not hope to get the church to
address every issue at once, that others would need to lead that
battle.  One reporter quoted this in a new context left the
impression that I tacitly approved opening a floodgate for of all
kinds of relationships to be sought in the future.  I intended  
nothing of the kind.

Heterosexuals sometimes stay in a period of courtship indefinitely.
With no access to support systems for committed relationships, I am
not surprised that some lesbians and gays also stay in a period of
courtship indefinitely.  The church needs to affirm singles of
all orientations in this process.  As a married gay man, I am not the
one to exercise leadership in that movement.

I witness to a life-time monogamous commitment more by my life than 
by my words.


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